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From: Dan
Subject: Fag for Dad 3This story is a work of fiction between a Dad and his son. If you're not
old enough to read adult material, please leave now!Fag for Dad Part 3I drifted off hairy lolita pussy pics to sleep in Dads arms, the taste of his cock and seed still
in my mouth. I love snuggling with Dad. He's so big and hairy and his
pits smelled really good after our first escapade.I woke up to Dad running his fingers through my hair."Hey, boy. Dad's got another lesson to teach you. This one is going to
take a while, but Daddy's gonna pop your cherry.""What's that mean, Dad?""That means Daddy's going to fuck you, son. Daddy's going to put his
big hard hairy cock inside your boypussy and breed you good."Now I had heard of fucking, and was struck with a sudden panic. "Does
that mean I'm going to get pregnant?"He just chuckled, "No, son, boys don't get pregnant, they get their
pussies secret lolita cp bbs fucked. You'll see what I mean pretty quick. Now listen to what
Daddy tells you to do and be a good boy, ok?"He rolled me on my stomach and told me to spread my legs."Daddy's gonna eat out your boycunt now. You're going to like this
one, you little faggot."I felt a wet tickling sensation around my asshole. Oh my! Dad was licking
out my hole and he was right, it felt SO good. Dad must have liked it
because he was moaning too."Fuckin' love eatin' out fuckin' faggot boypussy. Fucking boycunt.
Dad's going to fuck you so hard."I could feel his beard and tongue underage nudist child lolita all over my ass. Swirling around,
nibbling here and there, stretching my butt cheeks apart with his big
hands and spreading my hole with his fingers."Oh Dad! Yes that feels so good! I love it! Oh Dad! Lick my butt-""Boy," he said in between licks and pants "it's not your ass I'm
after, it's your pussy. Say it. Tell Dad right this time. It's not your
ass it's MY pussy, MY cunt, MY boypussy or MY boycunt, you got it? Say
it!""Dad, I love you licking my pussy. Please keep it up. Your beard feels
so good, Dad. Oh yeah""I knew you'd like getting your cunt eaten out, boy. Now^� lick Dads
balls," he said and flipped me on my back while positioning his head to
the foot of the bed and flopping his big hairy nut sac in my face. I love
the way my Dad's nuts smell. So hairy and sweaty and I again worshiped
where I came from. I tongued Dad's big hairy balls, gently taking one in
my mouth at a time bathing the hairs with my spit while Dad when to town
on my cunt."Yeah, son, that's nice. You take such good care of your Daddy. Now
move your head up and eat out your Daddy's hole while he licks your
pussy. I need you nice and wet if I'm going to breed your fuckin'
cherry right"He lowered his ass down to my face. The smell of Dad's hairy ass crack
was intense. So musky, so manly, and all mine. I'm such a lucky boy! I
stuck out my tongue and tasted the glassy smoothness of his tight
asshole. God it tasted so good. I can see why Dad wanted to eat my pussy
out so much. He grabbed my hair and pushed me deeper into his ass."Eat the hairy hole, boy. Eat your Dad's hole. You're gonna learn a
lot about eatin' hole, fag. Dad's gonna teach you. Swirl your tongue
around like this," and he made some kind of crazy figure 8 motion that
drove me crazy. I did funny models lolita toplist the same to him and he gave out a loud moan.A nasty thrill ran through me. I'm eating out my Dad's hairy butt hole!
I can't believe this is happening! I felt so dirty and so nasty. I
wished I could get pregnant for him, I'd love to be Dad's wife. Maybe
I'll talk to him about it later. In the mean time I had a mouthfull of
hot nude gay lolita boys sweaty hairy Dad hole to take care of."Ok, faggot. Now I'm gonna put my finger up your tight little cunt.
Dad's got some lube and this will take some getting used to, but believe
you me, you're gonna get used to it. Daddy's too fuckin' horny to stop
now and your fuckin' purpose in life is to make real men happy. Keep our
bellies full and our balls drained. Plus with you, I don't have to pull
out for fear of knockin' some fuckin' bitch up. 14 15 yo lolitas When I get inside you,
pussy, I ain't pullin' out `til I cream your fuckin' cherry."Dad lifted his musky hole off my face (to my dismay) and got between my
legs on his furry belly. He spread my legs and told me to relax my cunt
like I was takin' a shit, then he inserted his the first knuckle of hi
index finger into me.Oh it felt good! I was moaning with the pleasure. His finger skipped the
second knuckle and went right past the second and had his whole finger
inside my tight boycunt. Oh that was nice! Suddenly he moved his finger
around and I had the strangest sensation, like I was going to pee
combined with the feeling of almost being on fire, but it felt so good!"Dad! Oh god, Dad! What's happening to me? Oh! Oh!""Heh, hell fuckin' yeah, son. Dad's givin' you your first orgasm.
Figured I'd trip your joy button while I was up there and I knew you'd
like it. You are such a fuckin' perverted faggot, gettin' off with your
Daddy's finger up your fuckin' pussy," he said and spit on my cunt.
That just made his finger slide in and out easier and I thrashed around
on the bed."Dad! Dad I think I'm cumming! Dad! Yeah!" I was screaming at the top
of my lungs. Dad put another finger into me, and he wasn't gentle about
it. It felt so good to have 2 of Dad's fingers in my tight little
boyhole."Wow, Dad, that was incredible. How did you DO that? lolita diaper girl pics Hey, where's my
seed? You shot all your seed into me when I was sucking your cock,
where's mine?"He chuckled again and gave me a really dirty smile, "Oh you'll make
that later. Right now you're too young to actually cum. Don't look sad,
son, with all the seed I'm going to pump into you, you'll be a big
shooter like your old man in no time."Then he inserted a third finger into my stretched out cunt. It started to
hurt a lot but Dad told me to sniff the brown bottle and everything felt
much rosier!"Here, boy, take my cock in your mouth. Get Daddy's big hairy boner and
get it sloppy wet so I can get inside your pussy a bit easier," he said
and positioned his big penis over my lips. "Open up, fag. Open your
mouth for your father."I tasted the now familiar flavor of his precum and the head of his cock.
He wasted no time shoving it right down my throat, pinning my head with
his big hairy thighs. I had no choice but to open up to his cock. His
balls slapped against my forehead and kind of peeled off slowly as his
hips fucked my pussy mouth."Ooh yeah, son, suck it. Suck it. So fuckin' nasty, this is. Suck your
father's cock. Dad's about to fuckin' breed you, boy, so get me nice
and hard again!"His three fingers were twisting and turning inside me and from time to
time he'd pull his fingers out and sniff them. Then he'd fuck my face
harder for a couple seconds, spit on my hole and shove the fingers back
in.Suddenly, he pulled out of my mouth and roughly threw me on my stomach,
then crawled up over my back and started nibbling on my ear. Oh yeah that
was NICE!"Ok son, this is going to hurt at first, but you're a fag. You're a
fuckin' pussy cunt fuckin' faggot ass bitch and you're gonna take my
cock."The head of his manhood started to enter, stretching out my boypussy.
"Oh Dad! Ow! That hurts! Dad, oh please stop! No Dad it hurts!"He gave out an impatient sigh and slapped the back of my head. "Shut the
fuck up, faggot! You don't ever fuckin' say no to a real pussy fuckin'
man! NOT EVER! Take a hit off those poppers and get ready to get
cuntraped, you god damn pussy!"I gathered the brown bottle was called poppers and took a big whiff. My
head was spinning but my little butt hurt so much from the size of the
big invader inside me. I started screaming for him to stop, panic rising
in my body.He pulled out of me for a second, slapped the back of my head again,
harder than the first time, ls girls lolitas nude then got off the bed, looking for something.
I knew better than to look, so I hit the poppers again and dad grabbed
them out of my hand."Hold still, boy. Dad's got an idea to make you shut the fuck up preteen models nude lolicon and
take it like the fag you were born to be."He pried my mouth open and shoved something in. It tasted somewhat
familiar and with a sudden spark of recognition, I knew he shoved his
dirty, smelly jockstrap in my mouth. Then he put something over my face.
It smelled like poppers."Fuck yeah. I soaked the pouch of another jockstrap in poppers boy. Now
you'll get a hit every time you inhale and that jock in your mouth
should keep you quiet. Now shut the fuck up and let Dad do his business.
I'm gonna pop your cherry, boy."He got on top of me again and spit several times on my hole and his cock.
"This is all the more lube you're getting, you little fag, so take
this!" and shoved his cock into my pussy just past the big flared head.I screamed as loud as I could, it hurt so bad. I felt like he shoved a
hot poker up my ass, and he kind of did. That made me giggle a little and
I inhaled the popper soaked jock. He shoved another half inch inside me."Oh yeah, Dad's sweets teen lolitas top
inside your cunt now. I'm workin' my pussy stretcher
in you boy. So fuckin' tight! I love fuckin' tight cherry boypussy.
Best thing around my cock. Yeah, boy, open up for Daddy. Open your pussy
for Dad's hard rod. Oh yeah. So good, so tight. Halfway in now, kid. I
got some more for you^� NOW!"He slammed the rest of his cock inside me. I screamed again, the
jockstraps weren't enough to keep me busy, I guess. He held still inside
my stretched out cunt and I started to get used to the full feeling and
he was hitting my joy button good."Ok, boy, now Dad's gonna take you on a ride. By the time we're done
you're gonna be beggin' for Daddy's cuntfucker."He pulled out a little and pushed back in. I was getting fucked by my
nasty hairy foul mouthed trucker Dad! Oh yeah! I loved feeling the veins
of his cock inside me, stretching me out to make room for his angry hard
He pulled out almost all the way and roughly shoved back inside me. He
was really fucking me now. Harder and harder, he took slow strokes in and
out of me.I was moaning like a ghost in a cartoon. I couldn't help myself. I was
being plugged again and again by my legal asain lolita sexy
Dad's big thick cock. I could almost
feel the precum lining my pussy walls making his invasion just a little
easier. Eventually I started sucking on the jockstrap in my mouth,
smelling the aroma of the jockstrap on my face. I was pics lolitas y o floating again,
feeling so good, love having Dad's cock deep inside me. Getting fucked
hard by my Dad. Making my boycunt stretch into his personal pussy. Just
for Dad. Just for Dad. Just for Dad. I kept the rhythm of his fucking and
started pushing back a little.Dad was having none of that."I know you love getting fucked, faggot, but let Daddy to the work. Just
let Daddy fuck you, son. Let Daddy's big ol' cock into your pussy.
Yeah, boy yeah."He took the jockstrap off my face. Too bad, I enjoyed having the soaked
pouch on my nose. Then he took the jockstrap out of my mouth,"Don't cry out again, boy. You understand? Well, faggot? Do you
fuckin' understand what your Daddy's saying?""Yeah," I moaned between thrusts. His weight was heavy on my back and
his hairs gently tickled me as he did his duty and used me for his
personal pleasure. I love my Dad so much and it was so nice to show him
just what a good son I could be for him.He moved a couple of pillows under my hips and the sensations became a
bit different. Still very good, but the angle of my boycunt allowed him
some easier access. He pushed in even deeper and stretched my pussy out
even more."Yeah boy. Dad's gonna breed your pussy, boy. Dad's gonna fuck your
tight cherry. So nice, your little boy ass. MMM. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
Fuck. You're such a fag. Fuck. You're such a god. Damned. Pussy."He was sweating so hard as he thrust into me. Suddenly I felt all tingly
like when he had his big finger inside me. Oh I was going to cum again I
"Dad^� oh^� yeah^� I'm^� gonna-" he cut me off by slamming his big
broad body against my tiny frame. His big left hand covered my mouth."Shut the fuck up! I don't give a shit what you're going to do,
faggot! Dad's gonna bury some fuckin' swimmers deep in your pussy. I
got your cherry and I'm gonna fuck and breed that cunt!" With his hand
still over my mouth, he started jack hammering my little ass. Harder and
harder he fucked me. His balls slapped against my ass, his hairy nuts
sticking to my little smooth ones.His grip over my mouth got tighter, hurting my cheekbones. I moaned into
his hand and suddenly I had another little dry boy orgasm! My whole body
was on fire from the cock that made me hitting my button over and over
again.The twitches and spasms of my little pussy drove him crazy. He started
yelling and fucking me even harder. I didn't think that was possible but
his hips were like a big sweaty piston, fucking me deep and hard,
bellowing out how much he was going to cream my cherry. Damn it! Why
couldn't he get me pregnant? It wasn't fair! He was fucking ME, not
some stupid girl! I was his pussy, not some bitch! I got ready to take
his seed. I knew he was going to shoot deep inside me."Yeah son," he gasped, panting with pleasure at the oncoming orgasm. I
knew he was getting close, cause he kinda got quiet and started sucking
on my earlobe tenderly. He was still in control, of course, `cause his
hand was still over my mouth. Not for one second did I ever think I was
something other than his little pussy."Yeah Daddy's gettin' real close now. Dad's officially got your
cherry and now he's gonna breed your little boycunt for the first time.
Won't be the last time, though, `cause Daddy's gonna make sure you get
your cunt bred a lot. If not by me, maybe by someone on the road.
They'll pay big bucks for your pussy," involuntarily my pussy twitched
a the thought of other men like my Dad preteen models nude lolicon using me, making me suck their
cocks, lick their holes and breeding me. Oh, I had become such a fag for
Dad."Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here comes my nut, boy. Gonna fuck you. Gonna breed
you. Gonna dump my big hot load in your cunt! YEAH! TAKE IT! YEAH! YEAH!
Ohhhh!"I could feel it! He slammed his big cock picture of nude lolitas inside my pussy hard and was
still for just a quick second. I twitched my boypussy for him, and it
felt like a garden hose went off inside me. He was shooting all his seed
deep inside me. Dad was breeding my pussy, as every father should do for
his son. This was the cock that fucked me into the world and I needed it
now to become big and hairy like him."FUCK! YEAH! OH that pussy! Yeah! Ugh!" He was babbling out of his
mind. I guessed I must have been making him feel good as he shot his
mancum in my boycunt. Oh it felt so good! I knew I wanted him inside me
often. The cum coating my pussy walls felt so good, and coated his big
hairy cock making him shoot over and over again.He collapsed on top of me. Still inside my cunt, he funny models lolita toplist rolled us onto our
right side and thrust one more time, burying his cock in to the hilt. His
breathing became a little more regular now and he ran his fingers through
my hair again. Over and over, it became hypnotic and I fell asleep in his
arms.A little while later I woke up and he was still inside me, but he was
probably half hard. I could feel the gift of his seed inside me.
"Dad? Are you sleeping?"He stirred a bit and I was surprised at the gentle tone of voice when he
said, "I was, son, but that's ok. Did you me breeding your pussy,
son?""Oh yeah, Dad, I loved it. Are you SURE you're not going to get me
pregnant? Cause^� you know^� I wouldn't mind it if you did^�"
He chuckled and pulled his cock out of me. "Son, I'm glad to hear that.
Maybe another time we'll play a game like that but for now, I gotta get
goin'. You're bleeding down there, no it's ok. You bleed when you get
your cherry popped and you're ok. But we need to get you cleaned up a
bit. I gotta start another long haul soon. Do you want to come with me,
son? Do you want to travel with your Dad in his big rig? I know a couple
guys who would absolutely fuckin' LOVE to meet you. They'd breed your
little cunt too. Would you like that son?"My answer came in the form of a long deep kiss. My hands gently ran
through his beard, down his neck, and played a while in his pelt. Dad's
gonna take me on a long haul! I was so excited!Well, that's it for part 3. There will be a part 4. I sure would love to
hear from you if you've been enjoying the series.
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